Welcome to the Frontier Nuvola Smart Radio service. Here you can create your own personal list of favourite Internet Radio stations & Podcasts for your Smart Radio devices.

If you have any difficulties please follow the link to customer support.

Service Changes
We are in discussions with the device Brand owners to find a way to keep the Favourites Portal running, without any additional cost to end-users. Discussions are progressing well, and we are confident that an agreement will be reached. Unless you hear back from us, please assume that the service shall continue operating as-is.

Favourites Management Portal

The Favourites Management portal allows you to link your devices to your account. You can then save & share favourite Internet Radio stations & Podcasts, and add your own streams.

Logging in
On 2nd April 2024 we have moved to a new login system. All users will need to do a password reset to login to the Favourites Management Portal or use Google, Facebook, Microsoft or Apple to login.

Manage Favourites

Customer Support

Please use the support portal if you are having problems with your device, or you would like new stations or podcasts be added to the catalogue.

Customer Support

Please note that the favourites management portal and the customer support portal use different usernames and passwords.